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Screens are available for most of our brand new Bradnams product. Custom size window screens and hinged door screens are also available through us however custom size sliding door screens are unavailable as there are too many variables between brands (sliding door screens are hard as every brand has different channel widths, tracks and use different wheels.) Sliding screens for our brand new Bradnams sliding doors are definitely available though.

Different types of screens that are available through us include:

  • Fly Screens

Fly screens keep out annoying insects while still providing clear views through openings. They are available with either fiberglass (standard) or aluminium flywire mesh with the aluminium mesh being stronger and more fire resistant. In areas with smaller insects such as midgees a product called micro-mesh is also available.

  • Safety Screens

Safety screens come with a 7mm amplimesh grille providing extra strength and rigidity. They also come with flywire mesh so they keep out annoying insects. The flywire is available in fiberglass mesh (standard), aluminium mesh or as micro-mesh.

  • Aluminium View and Stainless Steel View Screens

Aluminium view and stainless steel view screens are more expensive types of screens but they provide a much stronger barrier while providing a less obstructed view to the outside. They both pass the Knife Shear & Impact tests (AS3959), Anti-jemmy & Pull tests (AS5039) and Probe tests. The aluminium view is the cheaper option of the two but is prone to having a visible 'run' in the screen (a manufacturing problem which can't be avoided but doesn't affect the strength of the screen, just the appearance). Stainless steel view screens are very expensive and usually cost as much, if not more, than the window or door they are suiting.

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