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At A&D Discount Building Supplies we carry a wide variety of aluminium windows in stock in new, factory second and second hand.

New Windows

Our new stock is limited to standard sliding windows with clear glass and no timber reveals. New stock windows are available in the following standard powdercoats: Stone Beige, Pearl White, Custom Black and Ultra Silver. These are on the floor ready to go and are available for pick-up during our business hours. Local delivery is also available if required in the Brisbane Metro area.

Click here for our new stock windows pricing.

Screens are available for all new product. See our Screens page to view what types of screens we can supply.

Factory Second Windows

We have hundreds of factory second windows in stock in many different styles, configurations, colours and glass types. Our factory second stock is always changing and we never know what we are going to get from factory clearances until we physically receive the goods (so our stock is subject to availability at the time, we can’t ‘order’ factory seconds). Factory seconds are usually in good condition with only a few minor marks from handling, however inspection is always recommended before purchasing.

Second Hand Windows

We don’t carry a large range of second hand windows in stock (preferring to focus on better quality ‘seconds’ instead) however some always find their way into our yard. Again, stock varies all the time and is subject to what is available at the time.

All new product has full manufacturers warranty. All factory second and second hand product is sold as is with no warranty.

Click here to view Bradnams Warranty

See below for pictures of different styles of windows.


Sliding windows consist of fixed and sliding panels of glass. There are many different configurations of sliding windows. 

Pictured are some examples of available configurations and below is a link to our suppliers standard size sliding window chart.

All configurations are given in S and F (where S stands for a sliding panel of glass and F stands for a fixed panel).

  • SF – This is a standard sliding window configuration consisting of one sliding panel and one fixed panel.
  • SFS – These sliding windows have a fixed panel of glass in the middle, with a sliding panel on either side. The sliding panels slide into the middle leaving an opening on either end.
  • FSSF - These windows have a fixed panel on either end, with two sliding panels in the middle.
    One panel slides each way leaving an opening in the middle.
  • FSSF/FFFF - Windows over 1500mm high require a 'break point' (a point at which the window is divided into a top and bottom section). All the panels on the bottom section of the window are usually fixed, however they can be sliding if requested. In this configuration example the top section operates the same as an 'FSSF' configuration, with the bottom section consisting of four fixed panels of glass.
Standard Sliding Window Configuration
Standard Sliding Window Configuration

Awning windows are hinged at the top and either wind (on a chain winder) or push out at the bottom. Chain winders generally allow for the bottom of the window to be opened 300mm. Other options without the chain winder will allow for the window to be opened more than this but please contact us for details. Awning windows can have multiple panels (see pictures for examples or view the size chart below).

Awning Window
Awning Window

Casement windows are similar to awnings, but they are hinged on one side (instead of the top) and push out at the other side.

Casement Window
Casement Window

Double hung windows are spring loaded windows which slide up and down rather than side to side. Usually both panels slide up and down, however sash restrictions can be requested if required (a sash restriction will either prevent a panel from being able to open or simply restrict how far a it can be opened).

Double Hung Window
Double Hung Window

Fixed windows are fixed panels of glass that do not open. They can be one or multiple panels of fixed glass.

Fixed Window
Fixed Window

Louvre windows consist of multiple blades of glass which can be opened via a handle on the inside of the window. These types of windows allow for maximum air flow.

Louvre Window
Louvre Window